About the Author, I. A. Ashcroft, and the World of Inoki's Game


Author Bio

I. A. Ashcroft has been writing fiction in many forms for over twenty years. The author's first book, written at age seven, featured the family cat, who befriended dragons and eagles, all while hunting an evil sorceress. This preoccupation with the fantastical has not changed in the slightest.

Now, the author dwells in the American Southwest and writes almost exclusively in the realm of darker fantasy, loving to entertain adults with stories of magic, wonder, despair, violence, and hope. Ashcroft has a deep love of mythology and finding the story threads that resurface in humanity's tales over and over, seeking to bring those elements into every tale penned. The author loves diverse and intriguing casts of characters.

When not buried in a book, one might find Ashcroft learning languages, charting road trips, and playing tabletop RPGs with clever and fun people.

Upcoming Works

I. A. Ashcroft lives in the American Southwest alongside a wonderful tale-spinner and two increasingly deranged cats. The author enjoys reading and pretending to be other people while rolling dice and wearing fancy hats.